I fortunately have a “CABIN” I can allow my clients to stay in while we go Fishing.   Please Contact Us and “Lets Go Catch You Some Memories”!!!    Call me for Details: 432-349-0353 
Hello To Everyone,
Rockport and the surrounding communities are rebuilding, but it is a very slow process.  Very little, or no help at all from certain agencies, have made it extremely difficult to say the least for a vast number of people, including Guides and myself, to rebuild as it was before Hurricane Harvey.  It is real simple there are lots and lots of fish, but there are very very few, or not at all, clients to take fishing.  This community needs money to rebuild their homes, their businesses, and clients to do so.  There are nice, clean Hotels, Houses, or Cabins to rent and plenty of restaurants open.  So what is your excuse?  Please contact me, or another Guide, and “lets go catch you some memories”.
Call 432-349-0353 to book your trip now!!!

You can contact me via  e-mail here: tigernet@cableone.net.

Thanks for reading and LET’S GO CATCH SOME MEMORIES!!

Captain Lanny Phillips

Seasonal Cast and Blast Trips offered: Do a Duck Hunt with us, or try the popular “Cast and Blast” trip…hunt in the morning and fish the rest of the guide trip. Please contact us and “let’s go catch some memories and take a duck to supper”.