I fortunately have a “CABIN” I can allow my clients to stay in while we go Fishing.   Please Contact Us and “Lets Go Catch You Some Memories”!!!    Call me for Details: 432-349-0353 
Hello to Everyone,
I’m still hearing situations from Guides where clients are having problems finding accommodations.  I’m puzzled with that.  In my opinion I believe sometimes the “rub” is requesting a certain hotel that may not be operating yet.  For instance, I know that the Light House Hotel in Rockport will be open for reservations later on in the summer, but not now.  But just recently for Memorial Day Weekend, one of the busiest weekends of the year, I found very good clean rooms for my clients.  My suggestion is contact me before, with plenty of time when you are wanting to go fishing, and I’ll do my best in reserving a room for you.  Now for the Fishing Report!  Catching Trout has been excellent on Crockers on the drop offs, but recent thunder storms and strong wind direction changed the bite for a few days.  Those type situations are a given.  Red Fish catching has been spotty, but the baits of choice are Menhaden and fresh cut mullet.  Please contact me for reserving you a room and for taking you fishing. “Lets go catch you some memories”
Thank you,
Captain Lanny Phillips                                
Call 432-349-0353 to book your trip now!!!

You can contact me via  e-mail here: tigernet@cableone.net.

Thanks for reading and LET’S GO CATCH SOME MEMORIES!!

Captain Lanny Phillips

Seasonal Cast and Blast Trips offered: Do a Duck Hunt with us, or try the popular “Cast and Blast” trip…hunt in the morning and fish the rest of the guide trip. Please contact us and “let’s go catch some memories and take a duck to supper”.