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Hello To Everyone,
I’m going to repeat myself again in this report “there is very little fishing pressure, but fishing is fishing not catching”. For me to explain parts of that statement means there were very, very few people returning to this area although Spring Break did show promise, but with very, very few fishing clients.  There are several nice, clean places to spend the night and several good Restaurants open for business in Rockport plus the surrounding areas  As far as the fishing, this Report is by no means a suggestion the “fish are jumping in the boat”!  It is real simple…if the winds have been, let’s say coming out of the South/Southeast, or South/Southwest, and it changes that particular day to a front with winds whistling from the north, then “catching” does become more difficult.  Keep casting fresh cut mullet, menhaden, and live shrimp at the Reds/Trout because it has been working.  Please have patience with the weather…”March winds, April Showers, May Flowers” and keep fishing…it is sometimes better than working.  Check the weather, contact us to book a fishing trip, or two!!
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Thanks for reading and LET’S GO CATCH SOME MEMORIES!!

Captain Lanny Phillips

Seasonal Cast and Blast Trips offered: Do a Duck Hunt with us, or try the popular “Cast and Blast” trip…hunt in the morning and fish the rest of the guide trip. Please contact us and “let’s go catch some memories and take a duck to supper”.